The Clubhouse Reports Page

A report of Stories completed over a week-long period

The Reports page helps you visualize activity across Stories, Epics, Milestones, Projects, and Labels. Reports can be viewed within a custom timeframe. 


You can filter the Reports page by selecting all or certain Projects, Epics, Milestones, or Labels, and you can quickly remove all filters by clicking on the "Clear Filters" button.

How Reports are Calculated

Stories that are included on the Reports page are ones that have been moved into a "Done" workflow state. You can review your Workflow States by clicking on Settings (gear wheel) > Workflow. More on how to define your Organization's Workflow here.  

Archived stories are not included within any Reports.

If a Story is moved to a "Done" workflow state and subsequently moved back, it will not show up on the Reports page. Once it is moved back into a "Done" state, it will only show up in the Report for the final/updated date range.

Additionally, if you are using the Clubhouse API to manually override the time/date a Story was completed, please note that this override will be respected by Reports within the UI.  

Using Timeframes in Clubhouse Reports

How to Set A Custom Timeframe

You can choose to review activity between any two dates of your choosing by clicking on the "Activity Between" drop down menu and selecting your desired start and end dates. Please note that dates on your Reports page reflect your Organization's UTC offset, which can be configured via Settings (gear wheel) > Workspace Settings.





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