Milestones and the Burndown Chart

Milestones are collections of Epics, which in turn are collections of Stories. Similar to an Epic's Burndown Chart, the Milestone Burndown Chart helps track the remaining Stories across all Epics that are part of any given Milestone.

Milestone Burndown Charts are located in the "Reports" tab that can be accessed by clicking into a Milestone. The Milestone Burndown Chart will only reflect associated Epics that are in an In Progress or Done state:

The Milestone Burndown Chart 

Reading the Milestone Burndown Chart

The Burndown Chart can be measured in either Stories or Estimated Points. This setting can be defined within the Estimate Scale of your Clubhouse Settings by navigating to Settings > Estimate Scale 

The Clubhouse Estimate Scale

The x-axis of the Milestone Burndown Chart represents time, while the y-axis measures number of Stories or Points within the Milestone. The x-axis will start at the date you defined as the start date for your Milestone

The number of outstanding Stories or Points in a Milestone Burndown Chart is visualized with a blue line, while the orange line represents the projected burn of work within the Milestone. Since not all Milestones necessarily have set End Dates, Burndown Charts can help predict the date when all of the Stories or Points in a particular Milestone will be completed, based on your current burn rate. 

Hovering over any point on the Burndown Chart will show you the current and projected progress at that point in time. 



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