Troubleshooting the Clubhouse - GitHub Integration

The Clubhouse-GitHub integration is a robust automation designed to sync your GitHub activity to your Clubhouse Stories and help move your efforts across the board. If you find the integration is not working as expected, you may be encountering one of the following issues:  

Pull Requests Not Associating

The Clubhouse system has no way of knowing about any GitHub activity that occurred previous to you activating your integration. If you wish to associate an existing Pull Request with a Clubhouse story. You will need to close and then reopen your pull request. Once reopened, you can add the comment to associate it with the Clubhouse Story.

Tackling Content Type Errors

 Github Content Type Errors

In order to function correctly, the Clubhouse webhook should be configured to Content type JSON or x-www-form-urlencoded (preferably JSON). You can check this by going to your GitHub repository then selecting Settings and then Webhooks and clicking on the Clubhouse webhook. 

Once in that webhook's settings, you can check for errors by scrolling down to the Recent Deliveries section. A content-type error will return a 422 error. 

Clubhouse GitHub Integration Settings

GitHub Event Configuration 

In order to have an optimal experience with the integration, we recommend that you select 'Send me everything' under the event triggers section. If you only select 'Let me select individual events' you may find that you lose valuable history on your Clubhouse Story cards. 

Clubhouse GitHub Integration Settings

Dealing with an Inactive Webhook

The webhook must be marked Active in order to function. Please under that the checkbox is selected. 

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