Working with Milestone Labels

Labels are a way to associate Stories, Epics, and Milestones. You can filter against Labels throughout various Clubhouse views and search for Stories that carry them in the Stories filter section and on the Search page.

While the same group of Labels can be used throughout the system on any of those three features, when a Label is assigned to a Milestone, the Epics and Stories within that Milestone will not inherit that Label. 

Creating Milestone Labels

Milestone Labels can either be created on the Labels Page or directly on the Milestone itself by clicking Add Labels > Type desired label name > Enter

Existing Labels can be added from the Milestone, as well. 

Clubhouse Labels and MilestonesTwo Labels on a Milestone's summary. 

Milestone Labels on the Milestones Page

If you have your work organized via many Milestones, you can filter your Milestones against Labels to view Milestones thematically. 



For more information on how to use Labels in Clubhouse, please refer to our documentation on Labels and the Labels Page.

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