Working with Clubhouse on Mobile

While we are working diligently to make mobile applications available on iOS and Android, our web application is fully mobile-responsive. The app operates fairly similarly on a mobile browser but there are a few differences to be mindful of, and we have outlined them below. 

Clubhouse Sidebar

While the sidebar expands and collapses as a sidebar on regular web browser, the different Clubhouse views (and Organization switcher) are available via a menu in the top left of the screen as pictured below. 

The Story Sidebar 

Due to limited screen space, the Story sidebar information appears below the Story description, tasks, comments, attachments, and history.



The Epic Sidebar 


On the individual Epic page the sidebar will appear above  the Stories in the Epic.



The Project Sidebar

On the individual Project page the sidebar will appear above the Stories in the Project.

The Dashboard



Story Sidebar 

The Stories page sidebar and all filters can be accessed by clicking the three-line menu icon. 

Story Workflow States also show up one column at a time, so you will need to swipe across to see different states. 




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