The Individual Epic Page


Clicking into an individual Epic page will allow you to view all Stories within that Epic. Stories can be viewed by workflow state, in a table format, or from the Stories page. The "Filter Stories" bar can be used as a search tool to surface specific Stories in the Epic, and the individual Epics page also includes sections for discussion and reporting.

Viewing Stories by State


Viewing Stories on the individual Epic page by State gives you a graphical representation of the Stories in the Epic, organized by their workflow state:


The background of each Story box tells you what type of Story it is and the color on the left border tells you which Project it belongs to.


Hovering over one of the Story boxes will give you the Story type, ID, Project, workflow state, title, owner, number of points, and information about when it was last updated.


The type icon tells you what kind of Story it is (FeatureBug, or Chore):


Clicking on the Story box will open the Story dialogue:


Viewing Stories in the Table


As its name suggests, the table displays the Stories in an Epic in a tabular format. You can easily reorder Stories in the table by their priority, ID, Project, owners, type, points, Story name, workflow state, or date modified by clicking on any of those tabs.

Changing Story Priority

You can drag and drop Stories on the individual Epics page to change their priority. Priorities in Clubhouse are structured vertically, so the higher up in the table or column the Story is, the higher its priority. 

To change the priority of Stories on the individual Epics page, first sort the Stories by priority:


You'll notice that when sorted by priority, Stories are first organized by workflow state, then by priority -- this is because you can only drag a Story to change its priority within the same workflow state. You'll also see that stories in a Done workflow state can't be reordered, since they've already been completed.


To reorder a Story in the table, click on the directional icon on the left of the Story entry, then drag and drop the Story where you want it:


Viewing Stories on the Stories Page

You can click the magnifying glass to view all the stories in the Epic on the Stories page:


When you drop into the Stories page from the Epics page, it creates a permalink that you can view in the navigation bar of your browser and share with other teammates. You can also save this view as a workspace.

The Discussion Tab

The Epic Discussion Section

The Epic Discussion section provides a space to discuss, debate, plan, capture meetings, and record decisions about your Epics. Comments are threaded so various conversations can take place in context, and as long as you are following the Epic, you will receive notifications of any new @-mentions or comments in your activity feed (and to your email depending on your selection in Clubhouse Notifications).

Note: @-mentions in an Epic's description will behave the same way as @-mentions in an Epic's discussion section.

You can click the Clubhouse sidebar menu to navigate to the Epics and then click on any Epic to access its Discussion area. 

The Reports Tab

Every Epic also contains a Reports tab which allows you to see an Epic's Burndown Chart and Cumulative Flow Diagram (also known as a "burn-up chart"). Note these reports are only visible if work has started on the Epic.

Reporting with Burndown, Cumulative Flow Diagram (CFD), or Burnup Chart in Clubhouse

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