The Individual Label Page


Visiting an individual Label's Page displays a list of Epics and Stories to which that Label has been attributed. The Epics tab displays the name of each Epic that carries the Label, the number of Stories within the Epic, Owners, State, Progress and Due Date if applicable.

The Stories tab offers a table of all Stories with the Label as well as a breakdown of Story types and information on recent updates. The "Filter Stories" bar in this section operates as a search tool to surface specific Stories with the Label. 

Burndown Chart in Clubhouse

Each Label page also has a Reports tab with a Burndown Chart representing work completed against Stories carrying the Label. The default date range for the Label Burndown begins from the first date that a Story with the Label was completed until the last or most recent date a Story with that Label has reached a "done" workflow state.

If your Organization uses Iterations, the Label Burndown Chart may also be viewed by Iteration. Click the clock icon to jump to your current Iteration, and use the arrows to navigate the Burndown chart between different iterations. More information on defining an Iteration can be found in Reports Settings

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