You can create a new Workflow by navigating to Settings > Workflows and using the Workflow wizard. 


  1. Name and describe your new Workflow  - Assign a name to your Workflow - a description is optional.
  2. Move over existing Projects (optional) - If your new Workflow is going to be a scenario where you move an existing Project, you will want to select Yes. It is only possible to move Projects between Workflows that have the exact same Workflow. If you don't want to move over any Projects, you can click "No" to move on to Step 3b.
  3. Select Project(s) to move (optional)
  4. Select Workflow - If you do not choose to move over an existing Project, you will need to select a default Workflow. You can select from our Standard Workflow (which is our sensible default for software development teams), Simple (which is the minimum Workflow for the system), or you can select a workflow from a pre-existing Workflow. 
  5. Create your Workflow 

Once you select the Create Workflow button, you will be brought back to the main screen where you can edit the name, description, and Workflows of any of your Workflows.

You can also move Projects between Workflows from this admin area provided the two Workflows have the same Workflow.

For more information on moving Projects between Workflows please see our Moving Projects and Stories Between Workflows article. 


If you choose not to move any Projects, you will need to create at least one Project in order to begin using your new Workflows board. Once your Project is set up, you can view your Workflow board by switching to it on the Stories page using the Workflow switcher.