Teams and the Stories View

Enabling the Teams feature changes your Stories view and enables new functionality. In this article, you will learn how to use the Stories view with Teams. 

The Teams Switcher 

Clubhouse Teams Switcher Stories View

Once you enable Teams, you will find a Team switcher on the upper right hand of your Stories page. You can use that to select the Team board that you wish to view. 

In addition to the Team board changing, you will also see that Team's Projects and Workflow States. 

Epics can be filtered down to just the Projects on that board by hovering over the Epics menu and selecting "..." and then pressing "Only Epics from Selected Projects".

Clubhouse Teams Show Select Epics

Linking/unlinking a workspace to a Team 

Workspaces can be connected to a Team such that they switch you into that Team upon selection. In order to link a Workspace to a Team, hover over that Workspace and select "Connect to Current Team." You can follow the same steps to disconnect it from that Team. 


If Workspaces are not explicitly connected to a Team, they will be applied to any Team board you are on. 


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