Story Workflows

Story Workflow Filters in Clubhouse

While the Stories view is most significantly affected by having multiple Story Workflows feature, you will note a few other changes throughout your UI once you are using Story Workflows.

The Status Pagestatus-page.png


Much like the Stories page, the Status Page will be Story Workflow specific and can be changed by the Story Workflow switcher in the upper left-hand corner. 

The Story Workflow relationship is derived from Story Ownership. If a user owns a Story in the Story, they will appear on that Story Workflow's Status page.

The Epics and Reports Page

On the Epics and Reports pages, you can use the Project filter to narrow down your view to the project(s) on one Story Workflow.

The Projects Page 


Projects will now be separated by Story Workflow. You can also add new Projects to the Story Workflow from this page by clicking the Create Project in this Story Workflow button.   

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