Milestones (Beta!)

Milestone Categories

Milestone Categories allow you to group Milestones together thematically, and filter by Category on the Milestones page. Milestone Categories can be created on the individual Milestone page by clicking the "Add Categories" button.

Milestones Clubhouse Adding Category 

You may choose to attribute an existing Milestone Category from the dropdown menu, or create a new Milestone Category by typing in your desired Category name and hitting the Enter key. 

Clubhouse Creating A Milestone Category

To remove a Category from a Milestone, click on the "x" of the Category you'd like to remove from the Milestone. 


Managing Milestone Categories

Clubhouse Milestone Manage Categories

Clicking the green "Manage Categories" button found in an individual Milestone's "Add Categories" dropdown will allow you to edit or remove Categories from your existing list.

Milestone Category Management Clubhouse 

To edit a Milestone Category, click on the pencil icon next to the Category name. To delete a Milestone Category, click on the trash can icon. 

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