User Roles and Management

How do I invite new users to a Workspace?

As Owner or Admin, you can invite users to your Workspace in a few simple steps.

Navigate to Settings > Workspace Settings > Invite New Users

Select the Role for which you'd like to invite the User(s)

  • Owner
    • You must invite a user as a User or Admin first. Once they accept the invite, you can then promote them to Owner
    • If you promote a user to Owner in an Organization with more than one Workspace, the user will be promoted as Owner to All Workspaces in the Organization (even if they were not previously invited to these Workspaces)
    • Owners receive billing notification emails
  • Admin
    • Alternatively, if you promote a user to an Admin of a single Workspace in an Organization, they are only an Admin of that Workspace
    • Admins do no receive billing notification emails

Type the email address(es) you wish to invite and click Send Invitations.

Note: Unused invitations are counted as billable users, so it's a good idea to check your User Directory and Invite News Users menu periodically. Deleting unused invitations will help you avoid being charged for teammates who aren't using Clubhouse.

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