Inviting Users/ Deleting Invites in Your Clubhouse


As Owner or Admin, you can invite users to your organization in a few simple steps

Step 1: Navigate to Settings >User Directory

Step 2: Click the Invite New Users button

Step 3: Select the Role for which you'd like to invite the User/Users.

Step 4: Type the email address(es) you wish to invite and click Send Invitations

Re-sending Invites

If the person fails to receive the initial invitation, you can easily re-send the invite by going to Settings>Organization> User Directory and then clicking the recycle icon to re-send the invite.

Resending invites in Clubhouse

Note: If you try to re-send an invite within 24 hours of originally sending it, Clubhouse will alert you (and prevent the invite from being re-sent):



Disabling Invites

If you wish to revoke an invite, you can do so by going to Settings>Organization> User Directory and then clicking the garbage can icon to delete the invite.



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