Inviting Users/ Deleting Invites in Your Clubhouse

As Owner or Admin, you can set up your organization in a few simple steps:

  1. Click on the Settings wheel in the upper right hand corner of the Clubhouse screen and navigate to the Organization section. 
  2. Click the Invite New Users buttonUser invitation screen
  3. Enter all teammates' email addresses and click the "Send Invitations" button.
  4. Your teammates will be added to the Active Users section as Members. 

Re-sending Invites

If the person fails to receive the initial invitation, you can easily re-send the invite by going to Settings>Organization> User Directory and then clicking the recycle icon to re-send the invite.

Resending invites in Clubhouse

Note: If you try to re-send an invite within 24 hours of originally sending it, Clubhouse will alert you (and prevent the invite from being re-sent):



Disabling Invites

If you wish to revoke an invite, you can do so by going to Settings>Organization> User Directory and then clicking the garbage can icon to delete the invite.



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