The Slack Integration (with Slack Actions)

When you enable the Clubhouse to Slack integration in your Slack Workspace:

  • Any Clubhouse Story link you post in any channel in your Slack Workspace will unfurl with Story details (except for the story description).

  • You can use a Slack Action to create a Story from any message in any of your Channels in your Slack Workspace

  • You can broadcast Clubhouse Story comments and Story additions from a specific Project to a designated Slack channel (story descriptions do unfurl for these)

Note: In order to enable or update this integration, you must be an Admin in Clubhouse. 

Adding Slack Integrations

Click the Settings gear in the top right corner, navigate to Integrations, and select Slack. Only one Clubhouse Workspace can be associated with a Slack Workspace at a time.



Click on the Add to Slack button next to the Project you'd like to associate with a Slack channel. You will be redirected to Slack to authorize and select the channel where the Project's notifications will be posted.




You should now be all set up! 




Clubhouse comments and Story additions will now drop into the selected channel attributed to the Clubhouse Bot.



Updating the Slack Integration

If you've already installed the Slack integration but are using an older version of it, you'll see a blue alert message inviting you to re-authorize the Slack integration in Clubhouse. Click on "To enable them, we need your authorization" to update the integration to the latest version available.


You'll be asked to review the permissions Clubhouse and Slack will need to work together (you can see a longer explanation of each permission by clicking on the arrow next to it). Once you're ready, click Authorize.



After you've authorized the permissions, you'll be taken back to the Slack integration page in Clubhouse, where you'll see a green "Slack integration saved" success message.




Additional Features

In addition to notifications about Clubhouse comments and Story additions, you can also create a Clubhouse Story from within Slack using the Actions feature and see Story link unfurling in channels when the Slack integration is installed. Stories created from within Slack do unfurl to show the description, unlike Stories that were simply pasted in Slack.