With the Clubhouse Zendesk integration, associating Zendesk support tickets with new or existing Clubhouse Stories is a breeze. 

To set up this integration:

  1. While signed in to to both your Clubhouse and Zendesk account navigate to the Zendesk Marketplace and search for Clubhouse
  2. Click Install in Zendesk. You may also be taken to another screen to confirm that you want to install the app -- just click "Install" there as well.
  3. Then, in Clubhouse, navigate to Settings>Integrations>Zendesk and toggle the integration to Enabled. The integration will be enabled for everyone in your Workspace and visible on the Tickets screen.  

Now that the Clubhouse app is installed in your Zendesk instance, the next time you open a Zendesk ticket you will see the Clubhouse app in the Apps Toolbar:


Click Login to Clubhouse, and then you'll be taken to the authorization screen, where you'll be able to select the Workspace you'd like to connect to your Zendesk and approve the relationship:


Once you hit Approve, you'll have given the integration an authorization that's valid for 30 days, and the app will look something like this in the Apps toolbar whenever you're in a ticket:


Now you're ready to link and create Clubhouse stories from your Zendesk!