Your Account

Setting Up and Editing Your Profile


Your profile is created when you set up your Clubhouse account and your full name, username, and UTC offset (used in email notifications and reports) persist across all your Clubhouse Workspaces.

Setting Your Mention Name


Mention Names and Full Names.

Setting a mention name is optional. Mention names are unique to each Workspace of which you are a member, meaning you can set the same mention name across all of your Workspaces, or choose a different one for each.

If no mention name is set, your mention name will default to your Clubhouse username. You can update your full name, username, UTC offset and your Workspace-specific profile icon by going to Settings > Your Profile.

Setting Your Profile Icon

Your profile icon is Workspace-specific and is seen anywhere you are listed as an Owner, Follower, or Requester. It also appears where ever you leave a comment or make an update.

By default, Clubhouse will use either a colored circle or the image associated with a Gravatar account as your profile icon. If you wish to set your Profile Icon, you can do so by going Settings > Your Profile and then clicking "Upload Icon." You will then be prompted to upload (and optionally crop) your image.


Once you are satisfied, you can hit "Upload" once more to set the new Profile Icon.


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