g then d Go to /dashboard
  g then e Go to /epics
  g then l Go to /labels
  g then m Go to /milestones
  g then o Go to /organizations
  g then p Go to /projects
  g then r Go to /reports
  g then s Go to /stories
  g then t Go to /status
  g then space Go to /search
  g then 1...9 Switch Workspaces
  cmd (or ctrl)+k Open Action Bar



  h Open Help
  ? Show Shortcuts


Stories View

  i Add yourself as an Owner of a Story
  n Add a new Story
  cmd (or ctrl)+enter Save Story description/comment
  cmd (or ctrl)+shift+up arrow Move selected Story to the top of the list
  cmd (or ctrl)+shift+down arrow Move selected Story to the bottom of the list
  shift+A Archive a Story
  shift+D Delete a Story (once archived)
  d then 1 Selects a minimal Story density view
  d then 2 Selects the standard Story density view
  d then 3 Selects a jumbo Story density view
  / Search
  f Toggle fullscreen mode
  esc Close all open Stories



Epic View

  n Add new Story in this Epic



  1...9 When in Stories, load Space
    Add new dialog / Quick save
  cmd (or ctrl)+enter Save changes