How do I create a new Story?

You can create a Story from almost anywhere in the app by clicking the Create Story button.


You can also also use the keyboard shortcut ("N") on the Stories page to open the Create Story dialog. 

For a direct link to create Stories, you can go into the Create Story dialog and grab the permanent organizational Create Story link. 


After you've opened the Story dialog box and made any changes, your Story will be saved as a draft automatically. If you click out of the Story, you can return to your draft by re-selecting Create Story. Clubhouse will save one draft Story until you either Create it, or use a Story Template. To delete a draft, select Cancel in the Story window.


To create a Story, your Story must have a Title. The Project will default to the last Project you used, but you can change it at any time. You can also:

  • add a Description
  • change the Story Type
  • add Story Relationships
  • assign the Story to an Epic
  • specify Story owner(s)
  • set estimate points or time,
  • set a due date
  • assign a workflow state
  • assign additional followers (Requesters & Owners are automatically added) 
  • add Labels

When you're done, click Create Story.

Now that the Story is created, you have the option of adding smaller Tasks to it as well as entering comments and attaching files.