Clubhouse Email Notifications

Clubhouse email notifications allow you to receive regular email updates on the Stories, Epics, and Projects that you are following. If you find you are not receiving news about Stories, Epics, or Projects you are interested in, log in, click on the Story, Epic, or Project and make sure you are selected as a Follower. 

Following a Story in Clubhouse


When you follow an Epic or a Project, you will receive notification emails about about every Story in that Epic or Project.

You will not receive notifications simply because you are a Requester. While a Story Requester is added as a Follower by default, you should ensure you are indeed selected as a Follower to ensure you receive notifications.

Also, keep in mind that you will not receive notifications about actions you take yourself on Stories, Epics, or Projects, nor if you @-mention yourself.

Defining Email Notification Preferences in Clubhouse

Defining Clubhouse Email Notification Preferences

Clubhouse offers numerous options for notifications: 

  • Most events: New Stories on which you are added/removed as Follower or an Owner; Changes to Story State, Epic, Title, Points, Due Date, or Type; Comments on Stories you follow; as well as any direct @-mentions in Story or Epic comments and descriptions. 
  • Important events - New Stories on which you are added as Follower, Comments on Stories you follow, as well as any direct @-mentions in Story or Epic comments and descriptions. 
  • Daily Summary and Mentions - a daily summary of All events (see above). You will also well direct @-mentions from the system as they come in. All messages in this email come with a timestamp. By default these timestamps are in Eastern Time (-5 GMT), but if you wish to adjust your UTC offset and have the timestamps in your timezone, you can do so in Your Profile
  • None - no emails

Replying by Email 

You can reply to Story update emails to add a comment to that Story. @mentions will work as expected.

Email Reply to Clubhouse    Emailed Reply in Clubhouse

                                The Emailed Reply to Clubhouse                              The emailed reply in Clubhouse

Disabling Clubhouse Email Notifications

Email notifications are activated by default, but it you wish to disable notifications, you can follow these steps:

  1. Click on the Settings Gear in the top right corner
  2. Select Notifications (under the "Your Account" section) 

    Clubhouse Email Notifications
  3. Select "None" and click "Save Changes" to disable email notifications.
    Clubhouse Email Notifications
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