Epics and The Epics Page

An Epic is a collection of Stories that together make up a larger initiative that your organization is working on. Oftentimes an Epic can be a place for multiple Project teams to work together toward a shared goal.

Creating an Epic in Clubhouse
The Epics page provides a zoomed out view of what’s going on across all of your Epics. You can change the priority and state of epics by dragging them around. Priorities in Clubhouse are structured vertically. The higher up in the column the Story, Epic, or task, the higher its priority. Epics can be archived once you’re done with them.

Viewing Epics in a table view

Editing Epic Information in Table View

Epic due date, State, and Owners can be edited from the Epics page in Table View. Just click on the field you wish to edit and update. 

Editing Epic information


An Epic is likely to be associated with multiple Projects and will of course contain numerous stories that are requested and owned by members of your organization.

You can navigate to the Epics page by clicking "Epics" in the left sidebar.

On the Epics Page you can get the following information:

Epic Name

  Epic Name

Epic Workflow State

Epic Workflow StateTo Do Epic To Do FlagIn Progress Epic In Progress FlagDone

Epic Progress

Epic Done Flag

Epic ID number

Epic ID number

Number of Stories in the Epic

Number of Stories in the Epic

Number of Points in the Epic

Number of Points in the Epic

When the Epic Started

Date When the Epic Started 

The number of Stories that have been started/remain unstarted or unscheduled.

Epics in Grid View

Hovering over the box will give you the Story ID and title, owner, number of points, and information about when it was last updated.

Story Type and Project

The background of each card tells you what type of Story it is and the color on the left border tells you which Project it belongs to.

Feature, Chore, and Bug Story Types in Clubhouse

You can click the magnifying glass to view all the stories in the Epic.

Expanding Stories with the magnifying glass

When you drop into the Stories page from the Epics page, it creates a permalink that you can view in the navigation bar of your browser and share with other teammates. You can also save this view as a workspace.

Reports Tab

Every Epic also contains a Reports tab which allows you to see an Epic's Burndown Chart and Cumulative Flow Diagram (also known as a "burn-up chart"). Note these reports are only visible if work has started on the Epic.

Reporting with Burndown, Cumulative Flow Diagram (CFD), or Burnup Chart in Clubhouse

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