The Story Activity is located at the bottom of the story card and shows you who created the story and when and by whom the story state has changed.

At the top of the Story Activity section, we show 'Important Changes Only' by default. This setting will show important changes such as pull requests opened or merge requests linked to this story; when the story is moved from one state to another; or when tasks are completed.

The second setting is called 'Everything'. As the term implies, this will show all metadata changes to the story, such as changes to the title or description; when labels have been added/removed; owners added/removed; followers added/removed; due date changed, etc.

Diff Checker


Clubhouse records the text for the title and description. When changes are made to the story, we show the text difference between the two versions. This can be seen by setting the Story Activity to 'Everything' and check for the Diff button next to a title or description change.