Spaces and Story Filtering

Quick Filters and Filtering By User, Label, or Keyword

There are many different ways to filter stories on the Clubhouse story page. In this short article, we will walk you through a few of the ways you can filter your information.

You need to be on the Stories page in order to filter stories. 

You can filter by user, label, or keyword by clicking the Add Filter button in the left sidebar. 

You can filter across many different fields by selecting a Quick Filter or searching for a label or keyword.

You can also combine various filters by using the AND/OR option, accessible by clicking on the Filters heading and selecting AND or OR.

If you wish to exclude a term or label from the search, type in the term/label and then hover over it and select "Inverse"; you will then only be presented with Stories that exclude that term. 


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  • Avatar
    Jesse Nahan

    How can I save a filter? Once I set up a filter, as soon as I click a different view, the filter is removed. For example, I have set up a filter for a label related to a client's high priority issues. It is important to quickly view all stories with that label. Filter is perfect for that but I want to save it. Thanks.

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    Mirza Jahic

    Is it possible to combine AND and OR filtering?

  • Avatar
    Dov Cohn

    Does anyone at Clubhouse read and respond to these comments??

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