Using the Clubhouse Stories Page

Stories are the standard unit of work in Clubhouse and represent individual features, bugs, and chores.

You can access the Stories page by selecting Stories in the Clubhouse sidebar menu.

Clubhouse Stories Page

The Stories Page is where most of the magic happens in Clubhouse. From this page, Stories can be viewed, edited, dragged around, filtered, archived and deleted.


The Clubhouse Stories Page

Stories are color coded by type. Green stories are features, red stories are bugs, and grey stories are chores.

The Clubhouse Story Card

The standard Story card itself offers extensive information about the Story including: 

  • Story type (indicated by card color)
  • Owner information (owner initials) 
  • Story staleness indicator (hourglass icon, if applicable)
  • Story due date (in red, if used)
  • Estimate points (highlighted in grey, if used)
  • Labels
  • Project (indicated with abbreviation and the color on the outer left edge)


The outer edge of the card also indicates which project it belongs to and you can see project colors in the Projects section of the left-hand column. 

Clubhouse Story Card Density

Clubhouse Story Density

The Stories page is available in three views, which can be toggled at the top of the Story filter column:

  • Minimal - Story names only (keyboard shortcut d+1)
  • Standard - fields outlined above in The Story Card (keyboard shortcut d+2)
  • Jumbo - Fullscreen (keyboard shortcut d+3)



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