You can edit and delete stories by clicking on them to open.

Edit Story Title

Click the Story Title to open the title box. Once edited, hit enter or click outside of the title box to save the new title.

Edit Story Description

Click the Edit Description button to edit description. You can also shift+click anywhere in the description to start editing.

You can also edit:

  • Description
  • Story Type
  • Epic assignment
  • Story owner(s) assignment
  • Estimate points or time,
  • Due date
  • Workflow state
  • Followers (as Requester you will automatically be added as a Follower) assignment
  • Labels

Add Task 

Click "Add Task" enter the task information and press "Enter" 

Add Comment

Click "Add Comment" enter the task information and press "Enter". To direct the comment to a team member, press @ and select your team member's handle.

Unsaved Comments and Discussion

If you happen to close a Story without saving your changes, your changes will be automatically saved. 

The system will share a message informing you of this

Edits Not Lost Dialog

and the Story card will have a pencil icon indicating that the Story has unsaved changes. 

Unsaved Edits Icon


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