Comments and Discussion


Discussion about a Story can take place in the Comments & Attachments section of the Story dialog. The comments field supports text, markdown, emoji, files, links, and code snippets. Clicking into the comment text area will provide you with numerous helpers. 

Discussion about Epics can take place in the Epic Discussions section.

Unsaved Comments and Discussion

If you happen to close a Story without saving your changes, your changes will be automatically saved. 

The system will share a message informing you of this 

Edits Not Lost Dialog

and the Story card will have a pencil icon indicating that the Story has unsaved changes. 

Unsaved Edits Icon

Adding Images to Comments

Clubhouse Comment Box

You can add images to the comments field in three ways:
1) select the image icon to upload into the comment
2) drag and drop the image from your desktop into the comment area
3) copy/paste the image from your clipboard (NOTE: Copy/paste is currently only supported in Chrome. It will be added to other browsers when it becomes available in the spec). 

Adding Images to Comments

Animated GIFs will become static GIFS when copy pasted. 

Linking to comments or files

If you want to reference a comment or file from another story (or even the same story), you can get the comment's unique URL by hovering over the comment, right clicking and copying the link location. 

@-mentions in Comments

You can reference or call attention to a Team Member in a comment by typing "@" and then typing or selecting the person's username in the dropdown.

Mentioning user in Clubhouse

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