The Projects Page

Projects typically map to teams (such as Frontend, Backend, Mobile, Devops, etc) but can represent any open-ended product, component, or initiative. 

The Projects Page provides you with an overview of all your projects, the number of stories they can contain, and the number of points they represent (if you are using estimation points). You can access the Projects Page by selecting Projects in the Clubhouse sidebar menu.

From this page you can locate the Project's ID number, follow the Project yourself, and set its color. You can also delete a Project provided that all stories have been moved out of it.

For more information, you can click the magnifying glass icon to be transferred to a Project-specific filtered view on the Stories page. When you drop into the Stories page from the Epics page, it creates a permalink that you can view in the navigation bar of your browser and share with other teammates. You can also save this view as a workspace.

The Project

Visiting an individual Project's page, offers  breakdown of story types and information on recent updates. You can also add additional followers, archive the project, and change the project description or abbreviation (used on Story cards). 

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