Labels and the Labels Page

Labels are a way to group Stories and you can filter against them on the Stories page and sort for them in the search bar. 

Labels are light yellow by default in Clubhouse, but you can choose from a palette of colors if you wish. 

In addition to viewing Labels on the Stories page, you can also view more information on the Labels Page. You can see and sort by:

  • story Label names
  • progress by Label
  • when a story with that Label was last updated
  • total number of points associated with each Label (if you are using points). 

Clicking on the Label name will also provide you with a view on the Stories page filtered by that specific Label. 

You can create Labels on the Label page, by clicking the Create Label button at the top of the screen. 

You can rename labels by clicking on the pencil icon and delete unneeded Labels by clicking on the garbage can icon.

Labels are editable on a Story or from the Labels page.

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