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The Clubhouse Trial

What happens when our 30-day trial period ends?

If your team is 3 members or less, you don’t need to do a thing - you are automatically registered under the Free plan. If you want more than 3 people on your team or want continued access to priority support and the Observer role, your Clubhouse owner will need to add a credit card and move to a Paid plan.

If your trial ends and you still have users in the Observer role, you will need to remove those users, change their user role, or add a credit card to move to a Paid plan to maintain access to your Organization.

Do we have to wait until the end of the trial to sign up?

You can sign up at any point. However you won't be charged until the 30-day trial is over.


When will we be billed?

We will bill you immediately upon trial end (provided you have added a credit card and opted in to a paying plan) and every 30 days from that day. You’ll pay for the number of users you have on your account on day one of your billing cycle. At the end of the cycle, we will charge you and send you a statement reflecting any applicable credits or additional charges that occurred during that cycle.

We don’t remember what day we signed up for our Paid plan, where can we check?

No problem, just go to Settings Gear > Organization > Billing. Information about your organization's signup date and billing cycle are available there.

What happens if I add a new user mid-month? 

Clubhouse uses metered billing, meaning we charge you per user/day. If you add a new user, you will be charged for the number of days that person was in the system during the billing period. 

Some of our teammates aren’t using Clubhouse, do we still have to pay for them?

We charge based on active (or enabled) users and invites. If you discover that anyone on your team isn’t using Clubhouse, you can go into Settings and either disable them or convert them to Observers (in other words, neither disabled users or Observers are counted as billable users, so you won't be charged for them). We will then credit your account for that user’s prepaid but unused time.

The Free Plan

Are we automatically dropped down to the Free Plan if we drop below 4 users?

No. If you drop under 3 users and you wish move to the Free Plan, you must login and select Free Plan. If you go above 3 users later on, you can easily move back to your previous plan or switch to another one, as it suits you.

Is there any difference in features/functionality between the Free and Paid tiers?

The Free Plan gives you most of the Clubhouse app experience except for use of the Observer role feature. If you wish to use the Observer role feature, you will need to update to the Standard plan.

Are the first 3 users always free?

We charge based on team size as defined by the number of active (or enabled) users and invites. a small (Free Plan) team is under 4 users and standard size team is over 4 users. So if your team of 3 users on the Free Plan moves to the Standard (Monthly) Plan and adds/invites another teammate, you will pay $40 (4 users X $10) not $10 (1 X $10). 

We want to cancel our subscription. Can we get a refund?

If you drop down to the Free plan, we will credit you a prorated amount based on the amount of time remaining on your billing cycle. You are welcome to use that credit towards reactivating your Clubhouse account in the future. We don't offer refunds.

Other Plans

Does Clubhouse offer a plan for nonprofits?

Yes! We are pleased to offer Clubhouse for free to qualifying nonprofits. Click here for more information and to submit your application.

I have another question!

We're happy to answer any and all questions you might have. Just email us at [email protected] and an actual human being from our team will get back to you.

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