Setting Up Zapier Integrations

The Clubhouse Zapier integration currently allows you to create Clubhouse stories from a defined Zapier Trigger. Follow these instructions to set up the integration:

  1. Navigate Settings > Your Account > API Tokens and create a token for the Zapier integrationCreating a Clubhouse API Token
  2. Click here to accept an invitation to our private app on Zapier. 

  3. Click the "Make a Zap!" link. You'll need to set up a "Trigger" and an "Action", which is currently only scoped to creating a new Clubhouse Story.

    Here's an example Trigger using Gmail:

    Example Zapier Trigger with Gmail
    Here's the Action section, where you can select the associated Clubhouse account, set up a Story template, and test that the Zap works correctly.Choosing a Clubhouse Account in the Zapier Action Section

  4. With the Choose Account step, you will add your new API token to the Zapier field and click "Yes, continue" to accept.
    The Zapier confirmation step
  5. You'll be able to format your created Stories however you want.Story Name and Project are the only required fields but you may also choose to specify Epic and add a description. Here's an example using using fields found in the triggered event.: 

    Sample Clubhouse Zapier Zap Intergration

  6. When you're finished, you can follow the remaining Zapier steps to save and enable your Zap. 

NOTE: this is a beta integration. We plan to expand and make it public soon. All feedback welcomed!


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  • Avatar
    Tami Reiss

    I don't see Clubhouse as an available app on Zapier 

    --- Oops! Figured it out, missed the instruction about joining the Beta above...

    Edited by Tami Reiss
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    Devops Clubhouse

    It would be great if we could specify the type of story to create from the posts source (i.e. feature, bug, chore) Right now submitting issues from our bug tracker all go in as feature and we have to use the API to change those to bugs.

  • Avatar
    Patrick Kaeding

    This is pretty cool! For future enhancements, it would be nice to be able to set the owner and labels from Zapier.

  • Avatar
    Will Weaver

    Thanks for adding this integration. Plus one on labels support and please add support for setting the workflow state.

  • Avatar
    Kyle Robinson

    Has there been any update to this to allow more than just the creation of Stories?

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