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Using Markdown in Clubhouse

Clubhouse uses a modified version of the popular text formatting syntax Markdown. For a complete reference, visit


# This is a header.
## This is a subheader.


*This text will be italic.*
_This will also be italic._

**This text will be bold.**
__This will also be bold.__

Unordered Lists

* Item 1
* Item 2
* Item 2a
* Item 2b

Ordered Lists

1. Item 1
2. Item 2
* Item 2a
* Item 2b


> The HTML blockquote Element
> indicates that the enclosed
> text is an extended quotation.


First Header  | Second Header
------------- | -------------
Content Cell | Content Cell
Content Cell | Content Cell


:zap: :bowtie: :zap:


![Optional Alt Text](url)
![My Logo](



Plain old URLs work too!

Story Links

This is blocked by #123.
See also: #345, #1102

Inline code

Your code is missing the `var` keyword.

Code blocks

Without syntax highlighting:

body {
text-decoration: blink;

With syntax highlighting:

var myCoolRollover = new Image();
myCoolRollover.src = 'myCoolRollover.gif';

Available highlighters:

coffeescript, apache, http, cs, java, sql, nginx, xml, diff, javascript, clojure, go, bash, objectivec, markdown, json, python, ruby, cpp, css, php, perl, ini, makefile
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