Setting Up Two-Factor Authorization for Your Account

For added security, we encourage you and everyone in your organization to use either Google OAuth to log in or to set up two-factor authorization (2FA) for your Clubhouse account.

If you're using Google to sign in to your account, you won't be prompted for 2FA from Clubhouse. Instead, you'll want to turn on 2-Step Verification for your Google Account

If you want to add 2FA to your Clubhouse account in addition to using Google OAuth, you may need to set a password before you can add 2FA.

Follow these steps to enable 2FA in Clubhouse.

  1. Click the Settings gear in the top right-hand corner of the screen.
  2. Click on Two Factor Authentication.
  3. You will be prompted to re-enter your Clubhouse password. Re-enter it and press Continue.
  4. You will then be presented with a two factor authentication QR code to scan.
  5. Click Confirm after entering your two-factor code.
  6. You'll be presented with a confirmation screen that includes your new Recovery Code. Copy your Recovery Code somewhere safe, and then click OK, I saved my recovery code.