The Status Page

The Status Page is where you can get a full overview of all the people in your organization and their assigned stories.


Status Page Views

The Status Page is available in two views: Story and Compact. Story View works best for smaller teams and filtered views, while the Compact View provides a higher-level view of what's going on for teams of all sizes.  


The Status Page in Story View


The background of each card tells you what type of Story it is and the color on the left border tells you which Project it belongs to.

Filtering the Status Page

At the top of the page, in addition to toggling between views, you can filter according to:

  • Teams
  • Projects
  • Epics
  • Milestones
  • Workflow States
  • Labels

You can also hide users with no associated Stories.



Stories and Workflow States in Compact View

The user's total Story count or Estimate Points count (depending on your Show Progess settings) will appear alongside the Member's name and subtotals will appear next to Stories in each individual state.

Done Workflow States

The Stories that appear in the Done workflow states will be those that were completed in the last business day.


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