The Clubhouse Activity Feed

With the Clubhouse Activity feed, you can keep up to date with all the Stories, Epics and Projects that matter to you. Simply click the Activity Button in the upper right hand corner and you can view many story-level activities, comments and @mentions.

The Clubhouse Activity Feed

What You See in the Clubhouse Activity Feed

The Activity Feed updates you see are related to the Stories, Projects, and Epics that you are following. If you find you are not receiving updates about a particular Story, Project, or Epic, click on it (or visit the top level page in the case of Epics and Projects) and make sure you are listed under Followers.

Additions of files, labels, tasks, and due dates are not reflected in the Activity Feed. 

Stories in the Clubhouse Activity Feed

  • All Stories in an Unstarted state will be greyed out.
  • All Stories in a Started state will appear in color. 
  • All Stories in a Finished state will be greyed out with a green check mark. 
  • The icons next to the Stories indicate whether they are feature, bug, or chore stories. 



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