Archiving and Deleting Projects

Archiving and Deleting Projects

Archiving Projects

Projects can only be archived if all the associated Stories are in a Finished state. To archive a Project:

  1.  Go to the Projects page.
  2. Click on the individual Project you wish to archive.
  3. Click to change the Archived field from No to Yes

Deleting Projects


Projects can be deleted only when all Stories associated with that Project have been deleted or moved to another Project.  

To delete a Project:

  1. Go to the Projects page
  2. Click on the individual Project you wish to delete.
  3. Click on the ellipsis icon in the top right and press Delete. 

If you find that you have deleted all visible Stories and are still unable to delete the Project, click the "Show Archived Stories" checkbox next to the "Filter Stories" search bar on the Project page. You will then be able to see any remaining Stories. Once you delete or move those Archived Stories, you should be free to delete the Project. 

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