How do I archive Stories?

Archiving in Clubhouse can be used to archive uncompleted or duplicate Stories, and you can archive Stories one at a time or in bulk.


Archived stories are not included within any Reports.

Archiving a Single Story

To archive just one Story, click on the ellipsis icon in the upper right-hand corner of the Story card and select Archive Story. 


Your Story will be instantly sent to the archives. Once your Story is archived, only then can it be permanently deleted via the red "Delete" button that will appear on the Story.

Archived Stories can be accessed using their individual permalink or by searching in the Search Stories input field.

Archiving Multiple Stories

First, hover over the Story card you want to delete and click on the checkbox that appears. Select as many Stories as you want.

Then, click on the Edit Stories button in the upper left (next to the Clubhouse robot icon):


Now click on the Archived field towards the bottom of the drop-down menu.


Select Yes.


Click Update # stories.


Your Stories will be sent to the archives, and you'll see a green success message in the bottom right of Clubhouse.


If you'd like to delete one or more Stories, see our Deleting Stories article.