Setting up GitHub Event Handlers in Clubhouse

With the Clubhouse GitHub integration, you can move your stories across the Clubhouse board while staying in your regular GitHub workflow.


After configuring your organization's GitHub integration, navigate to Integrations > GitHub and over to the GitHub Event Handlers section. 

  1. Select "Add New Event Handler". 
  2. Select the GitHub event you would like to listen for. We currently support "Pull request opened" and "Branch merged" events.
  3. Enter the name of the branch where this event will occur. Examples we use are "development", "product", or "trunk", but you may be using a multi-branch development workflow.
  4. Select the workflow state you would like the linked story to move to. 
  5. Click "Add New Event Handler" again to save. 

 Your stories will now automatically update as you follow the Clubhouse GitHub workflow, and merge events will affect commits as well as pull requests.