All views on the Stories page are organized as Spaces.

A Space can be any combinations of Projects, Epics, Workflow States, and keyword filters. Some example Spaces might be: "My Work", "My Squad's Work", or "All Bugs Without Owners".

We provide a few permanent Spaces, which appear with a star instead of a circle. You can only make changes to the Spaces you have created. These are indicated by a circle icon or a signal icon (indicating a Shared Space)

You can also quickly jump between your first nine Spaces by pressing numbers 1 through 9 on your keyboard. 

Saving Custom Spaces

If you create a filtered view that you know you will want to use again, you can save it as a new Space by following these simple steps.

  1. Hover over  "Unsaved Space" in the Spaces menu on the Stories page.
  2. Click "Save New", type in a new name, and press enter.


You can also press the ellipsis icon to view the name of a Space if it has been cut-off in the regular display.

Moving Custom Spaces

Spaces are saved in place but can be dragged into any order that works for you. Just grab the handle off to the left of the Space's name and drag to its new position.


Updating Custom Spaces

You can update, rename, share, hide (only hidden on your Clubhouse, not globally), delete or re-save a Space by hovering over the name and selecting your action (press the ellipsis for more actions).


To update a Space's filters, choose the Space you'd like to update, and make any changes to the filtering that you want.

You'll see that it'll deselect the Space and highlight 'Unsaved Space' -- don't worry about that.

Instead, hover over the Space you're making the change to, and then click on the 'Save' button in the pop up menu. You should see an alert confirming that the Space was updated in the lower right corner of your browser:


If you make edits to or save a Space you did not mean to alter or create, you can undo your actions by clicking "Undo" on the success message that briefly appears in the bottom right-hand corner when changes to the Space are saved.

Clubhouse Workspace Undo 

Spaces and Teams


 If your Workspace is using the Teams feature, when you create a Space, it will connect to the Team you created it in by default. Any time you select that Space, it will switch you to that Team and show you the filtered stories for that Team only.

For example, if you create a Space while in the Product Development Team, it will automatically connect to it, and clicking on that Space will always switch you to viewing filtered Stories within the Product Development Team.

Any time you create a Space (and choose to disconnect it from its Team), it will just surface Stories that meet the Space's filters you have set in the Team you're currently viewing.

If you wish to connect or disconnect them from a Team, you can do so in the Saved Space's menu, under More Actions. 


Shared and Hidden Spaces


Shared and hidden Spaces will not be visible on your Stories sidebar by default. In order to access those hidden Spaces, click "More Spaces" and selecting the Space(s) you'd like to appear on your sidebar.
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