Stories in Clubhouse can be related to each other in a number of ways and within the Story dialog. Once you indicate this relationship in one Story, it will automatically appear in both.


To add one, click Relationships under Add to Story and select the appropriate relation type: 

  • Relates to means there is some relationship between the two Stories.  
  • Blocks means Story A needs to be completed before Story B can start. Story B will be marked Is blocked by Story A. When Story A is completed, these properties will be removed from both Stories Cards.
  • Duplicates is to be used when an identical or very similar Story already exists in the system. While we expect the duplicate Story to be archived, it will continue to contain the Is duplicated by relationship indicating to all who come across it that it is not the original Story. 

To end the relationship, select the three dots to the right of the relationship and select Remove Relationship.