Tasks are steps you may need to carry out in order to complete a story. They are entirely optional but can be helpful in breaking down a large effort. 

Completion of Tasks doesn't indicate any amount of progress towards the completion of a Story; Clubhouse tracks Story progress based on its forward movement through the workflow States.

When you complete a task, you can click the checkbox and it will cross it out as completed.

Assigning Tasks

While an owner is responsible for the completion of the story, many team members may be needed to help with individual jobs within a story. You can assign tasks to other people by using the Task assignment menu after the Task is created and saved.

Completed tasks will no longer show up on your dashboard. 

Converting Tasks Into Stories

If a task appears too large or if it the list of tasks grows overwhelming, you may want to create a new story. You can do this easily in Clubhouse by clicking the story Template button. This will use the task title as a template for a new story.

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    Aurélien Eva

    Hi there!
    How can I filter stories in order to show stories which I am not owner but just assigned to a task?

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