How to Change An Epic's Workflow State

You can change an Epic's state from several places in the UI. First, you can navigate to the specific Epic page and select the state from the dropdown in the sidebar:


You can also navigate to the Epics page, and click on the Table view. You can click the state dropdown and update the state directly from the Epics page.


If you use the Epics page "Column" view, any Epics that seem to be done but are still in a started state, you'll see a yellow notification and button that will move the Epic into a done state.


Changing An Epic's State from the Stories Page

An Epic's state can be changed directly from the Stories Page, as well.

  1. Hover over your desired Epic in the Stories side bar menu.
  2. Click the "..." menu when it pops up.
  3. Select the desired state from the dropdown. This will move the epic to the first state in that type. If you have a custom workflow set up, you can update the Epic to any state by navigating to the Epic page.

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