Using Workflow Columns

The columns on the Stories page represent all the workflow states in the organization as defined in the Workflow section of your Clubhouse settings.

Point totals for visible Stories in any given column are listed at the top of that column and further information can be gathered by hovering over that number. 

Hide/Show Columns

You may choose to create a workspace for yourself and/or your co-workers that hides certain Workflow States you don't want to see. You can hide them by going to the column's settings menu (the dropdown menu) and selecting Hide Column.

Workflow Columns in Clubhouse

Hide/Show Old Stories

By default, we hide Stories that sit in a "Finished" Workflow state after they have been there for more than 90 days. However, you can choose to show old stories by hovering over the top of the column and selecting Show Old Stories.
Workflow Columns in Clubhouse

By default, all Stories in "Done" columns are ordered by the date the stories were moved into the column. More on Workflow State types here.

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