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Merging User Accounts in Clubhouse

Clubhouse makes it easy to create and login to different organizations from the same user account. However, if you find that you need to associate a different email with a Clubhouse organization or merge create two separate Clubhouse accounts, they can be merged in two different ways.

Before You Join

If you haven't yet created a new organization or accepted an invite to a new organization using another email address, you can login to Clubhouse, navigate to Settings > Email Addresses and add the new email address you want to use. After that has been confirmed, you can then accept invitations sent to either email address or make either email address primary in 

After You've Joined

  1. Login to your original Clubhouse organization (Organization 1) and note the Primary email address (Email Address 1) associated with your account there.

  2. Login in to your second organization (Organization 2)
  3. Invite Email Address 1 to Organization 2 by going to Settings > Invite New Users
  4. Still in Organization 2, go to Settings > Email Addresses and add a different email address there (Email Address 3). 

  5. Confirm Email Address 3, set as Primary, and then delete Email Address 2 from the email list.
  6. Log back in to Organization 1, go to Settings > Email Addresses and add Email Address 2 there. 

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