The Clubhouse Organizations Page

Your Organizations in Clubhouse

From the Clubhouse Organizations page, you can view and re-enable all your Clubhouse organizations, create new organizations, update your profile, and make changes to Clubhouse organizations for which you are the Owner. 

How To Access the Clubhouse Organizations Page

You can access the Organizations page, by clicking on the Clubhouse robot logo in the upper left corner of your current Clubhouse screen and selecting View Your Organizations.

How To Access the Clubhouse Organizations Page

You can also use this menu to toggle between your different Clubhouse organizations.

How To Add New Clubhouse Organizations

You can create a new Clubhouse organization in just a few steps by navigating to the Organizations page and selecting Add new organization

Add new Clubhouse Organization button

Updating Your Clubhouse Profile

Your Clubhouse profile can be quickly updated from the Organizations page. Please keep in mind that your full name and username will be the same throughout all your Clubhouse organizations. 

Updating your Clubhouse Profile

Setting Your Default Organization

If you want Clubhouse to always default to open up a particular Clubhouse Organization when you log in via, you can specify this in the Organizations page by selecting "Set as Default". If you do not specify a default, it will default to the one that is the first on the list.

Set your Organization as default

Viewing/Disabling Users

If you are the Owner, you can view and disable users from the Organizations page by clicking Update Users. You must be in the Clubhouse organization in order to invite new users.

Viewing and Disabling Users in Clubhouse 

Click on the red "NO" symbol next to the name of the member(s) you want to disable.

Disabling users via no symbol in Clubhouse

Click the restore symbol next to the name of the member(s) you want to re-enable.

Restoring users in Clubhouse

Updating Billing Information

If you are the Owner, you can view and update your organization's billing information by clicking Update billing. 

Updating billing information in Clubhouse

If your org has been disabled, you may need to enter billing information before you can re-enable it and re-enter your Clubhouse organization.

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