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Q: How do I do an import from (another project management tool) to Clubhouse? 

A: While we don't yet have a standalone importer in the UI, some users have pulled together import scripts that you can find here -

We also have a Node.js client library, which is useful for importing. You can find a basic tutorial for it here

This is still a work in progress, so please let us know if you end up trying it and find any issues.

Q: How do I handle user permissions in Clubhouse so that I only allow certain users to see a certain Story/Epic/Project?

A: We are continually trying to strike a balance between flexibility and simplicity in our UI/UX, and from our experience we’ve found that managing user permissions can quickly get complex and confusing. Right now, our suggestion is that orgs that need to manage visibility go ahead and set up a new Clubhouse organization from the Organizations page (more info on that here).

Q: How do I set up a sprint in Clubhouse?

A: Clubhouse does not have first-class sprint support. That said, many of our users have been able to make Clubhouse work for their agile teams using either Epics, Labels, or Workflow States. We also now have an iteration reporting feature that allows you to get getting useful reporting on past performance. Read here to learn more

Q: How do multiple teams with different workflows work in Clubhouse?

A: Clubhouse was designed to get numerous teams (known as Projects in Clubhouse) on the same page and on one board. However over time, we've heard that sometimes the workflow of one team is drastically different than another. Therefore, we plan to roll out a feature to support multiple teams with different workflows that need to live on separate boards but still wish to maintain visibility and nurture collaboration across the entire organization.

In the meantime, if you have Projects with somewhat similar workflows, they can create workspaces that simply hide unnecessary columns. More on Workspaces here. Many organizations that use Clubhouse work this way.

Q: Do you plan to offer BitBucket or GitLab integration?

A: We want to continue to work better with the software our users are already using, so we are in the early stages of building out BitBucket and GitLab integrations. Unfortunately, we don't yet have a release date for these features, but will be sure to let you know when they become available.

Q: Do you plan to offer time tracking?

A: We intend to offer integrations with popular time tracking tools. If you want to suggest that we integrate with your favorite time tracker, drop us a line!

Q: Could you offer bug templates?

A: It seems like a lot of teams would like a few more fields on the cards for Bug Stories, so we plan to add specific additional fields. Let us know what you need!


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    Josh West

    +1 for "first-class" sprint support and for bitbucket integration

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    Nik Sergievsky

    +1 for sprint entity

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    Артем Боровский

    +1 time tracking tools

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