Adding and Updating Billing Information

An organization's Owner can get a billing overview, add and update credit card details, and change the Organization's plan by going to Settings > Organization > Billing.

Clubhouse Billing Settings_Creditcardinfo

Clubhouse Plan Settings 

Once you invite more than 3 members to your Organization and have added a credit card to your Clubhouse, you will be moved to a Standard Plan and charged for all your active users and invites . You can switch between our Monthly and Annual billing options in your Billing settings. Check out our pricing page for details about each plan. 

Clubhouse Billing Settings Plan info

Setting Your Clubhouse Billing Email Address

By default, the billing contact email address defaults to the Organization owner, but you can specify that billing related emails be directed to another party by updating in the Billing/ Email section. 

Clubhouse billing settings email contact

Adding or Updating Your Credit Card Information

To add or update your credit card information, click on the Card tab. If this is your first time adding a card, fill out the form with your information and click “Add Card”. To update an existing card, fill out the form and click “Update Card”.


Adding or updating company address or VAT

If your Organization requires additional information on Clubhouse invoices, such as your company’s billing address and/or VAT, you can specify both in the Settings tab within the Billing section, under “Additional Billing Information”.






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