Milestones (Beta!)

Adding and Deleting Milestones

Milestones are collections of Epics, which in turn are collections of Stories. Milestones are designed to provide a simple view of what has been done, what is being worked, and what is planned. The Milestone Page and individual Milestone pages also provide you with quick stats about the state of your Milestone and how it is progressing. 

Creating a Milestone

To create a milestone, click on the green Create Milestone at the top left of the Clubhouse Milestones screen or click the arrow dropdown on any page to access the Create dialogue and select "Create Milestone". Milestone names and descriptions can later be edited by going to the individual Milestone Page. 

Adding Epics to a Milestone

Epics can only belong to one Milestone at a time and they can be added to a Milestone in one of two ways:

1. Drag and drop Epics from the Epics Backlog on the Milestones page onto the corresponding Milestone card. 

2. Click into the individual Milestone and select Epics from the drop down. You can only select one new Epic at a time to add and Epics can be removed by de-selecting them in the list. 

Deleting a Milestone: 

Milestones can be deleted by visiting the individual Milestone page, clicking the gear wheel and selecting Delete Milestone. Any Epics within that Milestone will be replaced to the Epics Backlog. 

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