The Milestones Page

Milestones are collections of Epics, which in turn are collections of Stories. You can access the Milestones Page by selecting "Milestones" in the Clubhouse sidebar menu.


Once there, you can start a new Milestone by clicking on the "Create Milestone" button in the upper left.


There are two main ways to view and organize your Milestones: in the Table view or the Column view.

In both views, you'll get a zoomed out picture of what’s going on across all of your Milestones, which you can filter by Milestone States, Categories, Projects, and Epic Labels.

You'll be able to see each Milestone's state (To Do, In Progress, and Done):


As well as its overall progress:


And although both views will show you the same information (such as the above), that information may be displayed differently depending on whether you've selected the Column view or the Table view.

The Column View


The Column view is designed to provide a simple roadmap-style view of what you've accomplished already, where you are right now, and what you're planning to do next.

From the Milestones page, you can create Milestones and drag and drop Epics between the Epic Backlog (always on the left) and any existing Milestones. You can also re-prioritize Epics within a single Milestone from this page as well.



Elements of the Milestone Card


You can easily tell the state of the Milestone by the card's background color: blue for To-Do, white for In Progress, and green for Done.

Each Milestone card presents the same basic information, such as the Milestone's name and state. You'll also find the number of Epics in the Milestone:


The number of Stories in the Milestone:


The total number of Estimated Points of the Stories in the Milestones:


The number of labels (in this case, none):


A visual progress bar (showing the overall state of the individual Epics within the Milestone):


Each Milestone has sections devoted to the Epics inside it:


Each subsection is like a card itself, showing the Epic's name, any Epic labels, the total number of Stories and Estimated Points in the Epic, and it's overall progress. You'll even see each Epic's state, represented by a flag icon on the left of the Epic name (To Do, In Progress, and Done):


The State of your Milestone can be changed by clicking on the button on the Milestone card or from the individual Milestone page.


The Table View

As its name suggests, the Table view displays your Milestones in a tabular format.


You can easily reorder Milestones in the Table view by their ID, name, number of Epics, number of total Stories or total points, progress, state, or date modified by clicking on any of those tabs.

You can also re-order by Milestone priority. Priorities in Clubhouse are structured vertically, so the higher up in the table the Milestone is, the higher its priority. You can change the priority of Milestones in Table view by dragging them around:


Filtering Milestones in the Table view is also easy; you can select all states or certain states, categories, Projects, or Epic labels. You can clear a filter in its drop down menu, or by clicking on the "Clear Filters" button that appears when a filter has been applied.


To change a Milestone's state in the Table view, click on the Milestone's state field:


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