What is the Milestones page?

Milestones are collections of Epics, which in turn are collections of Stories. You can access the Milestones Page by selecting "Milestones" in the Clubhouse sidebar menu. Once there, you can start a new Milestone by clicking on the "Create Milestone" button in the upper left.


Milestone Page Views

There are two main ways to view and organize your Milestones: in the Table view or the Column view.

In both views, you'll get a zoomed out picture of what’s going on across all of your Milestones, which you can filter by Milestone States, Categories, Projects, and Epic Labels.

You'll be able to see each Milestone's state (To Do, In Progress, and Done):


As well as its overall progress:


See more about the Column view or the Table view.

Want to see the Milestones page in action? Explore our Sample Workspace, which contains pre-filled information that will allow you to see how it all works together. Access it by clicking on your User Icon on top right > Help / Feedback > Sample Workspace.