With the Observer role, users can gain access to your Clubhouse in order to view progress on an individual Story or across the Workspace. Observers can view Spaces, follow Stories, and use the various Search bars and filters. However, they cannot move, change, or comment on anything. 

Similarly, Observers can retrieve data, but not change data via the API. See API tokens.

Observers cannot create Stories via Slack.

Observers are available for free to all Workspaces on Standard plans.

Inviting Observers


You can invite people as Observers by following these steps:

Step 1: Navigate to Settings > User Directory

Step 2: Click the Invite New Users button

Step 3: Change the "The following users will join as" toggle to Observer

Step 4: Type the email addresses you wish to invite and click Send Invitations.

Assigning the Observer Role


Users can also be converted from Members, Admins, or Owners to Observers by going to User Directory and toggling the role next to the user's name to Observer. Your Workspace will not be charged for Observers.

Observers and Permissions

Please note that Observer role only limits what a user can do, it does not limit visibility. While Observers cannot make any changes, they still be able to see everything in the Clubhouse Workspace.

Users with Observer role cannot yet access the iOS app.