While Clubhouse already enables you to archive Stories that you just don't want to see, sometimes you have Stories that you simply want deleted. For that, we make it simple to delete one or multiple Stories.

To delete one Story: 

In order to delete a single Story, you can click into the card. Drop into the card's menu by clicking on the ellipsis icon and then selecting Archive from the Menu. Once archived, the Story will present a button giving you the option to delete it. 


You can also use the bulk delete instructions to delete one or more Stories. 

To bulk archive & delete Stories:

The Edit Multiple feature allows you to quickly delete several Stories by following these steps:

Step 1: Hover over all the Story card you want to delete and click on the individual check boxes that appear or select an entire column by clicking the box next to the Workflow State. You can also use Shift + click to select multiple Stories in a column. 

Step 2: Once selected click on the Edit Stories button in the upper left (next to the Clubhouse robot icon):


Step 3: Once in the Edit Multiple menu, click on the More Options menu in the lower right corner of the drop-down menu, and select Archive & delete # stories:


If the Stories you've selected are already archived, the menu will say Delete # Stories instead:


Step 4: If the Stories are not yet archived, you will be prompted to archive first. Click Archive # stories.


Step 5: Once Stories are archived (or if they already were), you will be prompted to delete Stories. Click Delete # Stories



Step 6: You'll again be prompted by a browser dialogue for a final confirmation that you want the Stories to be deleted. Click Ok if you wish to proceed.


Once your Stories have been successfully deleted, you'll see a confirmation in the lower right hand of the app.